Difference Maker Blog

Everyone has a story. and it has been said that there are two sides to every story. We are choosing to focus on the ones where someone cared enough to make a positive difference. Here's the good news. If you are reading this then chances are your story has not yet ended. Perhaps you need a chance to rewrite your story or drastically impact the ending. It all boils down to having a chance to tell your story through your actions and through your words. Here at I Am Whole we recognize that within each story is the opportunity to make a difference. Mentoring can be the seed of difference. We have accepted the challenge to rewrite the stories of young women from all walks of life, ages 11-25, who are in need of direction and encouragement from someone who has been down the path of success. Click on testimonies and stories below of those whose lives have been impacted by being mentored or by mentoring someone else.

Stories & Testimonials