Strategies & Impact...

Our proactive strategy focuses on preteens and teens ages 11-19. We believe that by pairing these young women with experienced mentors earlier in their development, we can increase their chances of success.
Our reactive strategy focuses on young adult women ages 20-25 that are seeking a higher education or desire to enter the workforce. Efforts here redirect young women to a more focused success path through strong intervention and identity building techniques.
The overall wellbeing of every woman is very important to our organization. We will work to ensure that the young women in our program gain the pertinent tools, life skills, and self-esteem that are needed to exemplify whole women helping others through loveā€“in the areas of physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, financial, and social wellbeing.

Personalized Plans Specific to the needs of the individual

There are different types of people, different levels of ability, needs of support and potential. So to have only one type of mentoring program or approach of delivery will not suffice or achieve the level of success that we desire. Therefore each participant will be go through a needs assessment to determine a specific plan of action that works best for the mentee and the mentor.

Age, location, cultural differences as well as educational level all play a key part in determining the best fit for the mentor/mentee relationship. Also what's appropriate for one phase of development may not be for the next. Participants will continue to be screened to ensure that they are meeting the plan goals and when course corrections are needed, adjustments are implemented.

Additional available individual engagement options will be made known as we continue to develop our program in the near future.

Group Sessions Provides Peer-To-Peer Engagement

We all know the negative power of peer pressure. That being said it can also have the same power when used for good. By definition, peer-to-peer mentoring is the process through which a more experienced individual encourages and assists a less experienced individual within a shared area of interest. The resulting relationship is a reciprocal one in that both individuals in the partnership have an opportunity for growth and development.

Peers are individuals who share some common characteristics, attributes or circumstances. These may relate to age, ability, interests, etc. Peer mentors are individuals who have more experience within that common area along with additional training in how to assist another in acquiring skills, knowledge and attitudes to be more successful.

By providing training and exercises and discussions on a group level we afford the individual the opportunity to apply what they have learned or already know within the context of a group which creates a breeding ground for collaboration and leadership. We recognize that true value can not truly be appreciated unless the person is placed in context to actually see the benefit of their value on others, and vica-versa.

Unique Individuals Deserve Unique Sensitivities

We are firm believers in the principal of inclusion. We are better because all who are able to contribute are allowed to contribute. We recognize that many of our brothers and sisters have physical and mental challenges that create obstacles for their participation in programs like ours. However, we are committed to do everything we can possibly do to ensure that they know they are welcome at I Am Whole. They deserve every bit of dignity and respect that we have to give. As we determine our physical locations we will ensure that we are in full compliance with ADA American Disabilities Act.

Additional special needs options will be made known as we continue to develop our program in the near future. For more information please email us at