Making A Difference One Engagement at a Time

Everyday there are individuals who get up put on there clothes leave their homes and go out into the world driven by the desire to make this world a better place by helping someone else. They don't draw great deal of attention to themselves. Consistency and doing things the right way the first time is second nature to them. They are the type of people who take time out of there already busy day, shifting the focus off of their own heartfelt desires and motivations, to serve others.

You may have seen them out there. They're the teacher that stayed a little late to make sure that you understood how to solve that equation and shared their experience with you on
the importance of getting a college degree. They are the policeman/woman who volunteers to coach the local girls softball team even though they have no daughters of their own.They are the Difference Maker. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Welcome to I Am Whole home of the Difference Makers. Where those who have been selected to mentor do so with passion for the mission and compassion for the participant. They are not afraid to get involved and recognize that they can make a difference one mentee at a time.