About I Am Whole

Women Helping Others Through Love & Excellence

I AM WHOLE The word WHOLE in the name “I Am Whole” stands for Women Helping Others through Love and Excellence. I AM WHOLE is a Christ-centered, 501(c)(3) non-profit mentoring organization located in Western PA that is committed to reaching, and empowering young women between the ages of 11 – 25 by means of a dedicated and individual platform to help transform women from hopelessness to the hope of Christ.
I AM WHOLE (IAW) will strive to be the leading mentoring organization in Western Pennsylvania for young women ages 11 – 25. IAW’s proactive and reactive approaches will help ensure that participants receive age-appropriate engagement and character development to launch them towards their full potential while holding fast to the principles and promises of God as they overcome life challenges and conquer life goals.
Our mentors are empowered to reach, touch teach, and transform girls and young women from broken to whole and from hopeless to the hope of Christ. This journey is established on the foundation of our core values. LOVE, FAMILY, CHARACTER, VALUE, and HOPE.
The overall wellbeing of every woman is very important to our organization. We will work to ensure that the young women in our program gain the pertinent tools, life skills, and self-esteem that are needed to exemplify whole women helping others through love–in the areas of physical, emotional, educational, spiritual, financial, and social wellbeing.

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